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Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is an effective and proven technology to produce water that is suitable for many industrial applications that require demineralized or deionized water. Further post treatment after the RO system such as mixed bed deionization can increase the quality of the RO permeate and make it suitable for the most demanding applications. Proper pretreatment and monitoring of an RO system is crucial to preventing costly repairs and unscheduled maintenance. With the correct system design, maintenance program, and experienced service support, your RO system should provide many years of high purity water.

Clean water helps our body metabolic well, drinking clean water helps preventing water loss especially during summer. Reverse osmosis is strongly recommended install in home, office, business and public area. This is because chlorine is always used to kill bacteria and viruses in water. Drinking water with residual chlorine might cause health problem. RO system is able to remove impurities in water up to 99%, included chlorine, bad taste, rust, bacteria, heavy metal and other impurities in water. Aqua-Win RO system comes with different models, which are traditional type filters, quick change cartridges and also direct-flow type and industrial use RO system.

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