AQUA-WIN WATER CORPORATION was founded by a professional water purification system team in 1992. Our products have an excellent sales performance in Taiwan. At the same time, we are the first and the best manufacturer for reverse osmosis drinking water systems in Taiwan Market. We deeply believe that we operate this company with honest and honor attitude.

AQUA-WIN has insisted that we keep excellent quality of products, competitive prices, and innovative and outstanding purification products since we founded this company. We gain high values from domestic and international customers after we have operated the company sincerely for a long time. Because we pay attention to provide customers with stable and high-quality products, we maintain a leading position in this field.

AQUA-WIN has exported across the world for 85 countries, including United States of America, Canada, Brazil, Germany, France, India and so on. AQUA-WIN meets the needs from an individual customer to big companies by a wide range of services.

Warehouse and professional production line in factory with over 3,500 square footage storage capacities, Aqua-Win provides the best environment for OEM/EDM/self-brand manufacturing. By efficient production and packaging, we ensure that each product can be ready and delivered in time.


From the smallest spare parts to the largest machines, we do all the quality control, such as water TDS test, pressure test, chlorine test and so on. Always ensure our customers receive the best quality products.


Aqua-Win has over 12 years exporting experience across the world for "about / more than" 85 countries. With the best oversea sales team, professional manufacturing, safe packing and efficient delivery, Aqua-Win has built a long term business relationship with all of the customers.


Honor and Certification

USA Water Quality Certification Membership

Member of Water Treatment Appliances Commercial

(HY-HORNG YIH) Brand Certification (AQUA-WIN) Brand Certification (KING PRO) Brand Certification
(HY-HORNG YIH) Brand Certification (AQUA-WIN) Brand Certification (KING PRO) Brand Certification


Water Quality Good Service Practice  Certification

Company Name Aqua-win Water Corporation
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