5 Stage Standard RO System With Solenoid Valve(Double O-ring)
Product Number:HY-3034 Double O-RING
Model No. A-101-7
Description 5-Stage RO System (With Pump) (With Solenoid Valve) (Double O-ring)
HY-3034 detects water level automatically and the automatic power down system will be kicked off when insufficient water occurred.
Booster Pump x 1
Pump Transformer x 1
High Pressure Switches x 1
Low Pressure Switches x 1
10" white housing(Double O-ring) x 2
10" Transparent Housing (Double O-ring)x 1
Bracket x 1
RO membrane housing x 1
CL-10 In Line coconut shell Carbon Filter x 1
10" UDF Carbon filter x 1
10" CTO Carbon filter x 1
10" PP filter x 1
HY RO Membrane 50g x 1
Prevent backflow valve x 1
Solenoid valve x 1
Goose Faucets x 1
Spanner wrenches x 1
NSF Standard Storage tank (3.2g) x 1 (Plastic tank 2.2g or 4g is optional)
Tank valve x1
1/4 inch Color Tubing for System Connection for 6M
Flow Restrictor(400ml) x 1
Single Clip x 2
Faucet Adapter x 1
Double Clip x 2
Drain Clamp x 1
Brass Ball Valve x 1
* The parts in the (  ) is the optional item, not included or used in the unit, but you could choose to use or replace the original item with the one in (  ).

MODEL # A-101-7
1st Stage --- 10” PP
2nd Stage ---10”UDF
3rd Stage --- 10” CTO
4th Stage --- KINGPRO 50G Membrane
5th Stage --- Post in-line Carbon
3.2G NSF Standard Storage tank
With pump
50/80/100GPD is optional