AW-1901 Direct flow RO system (500 GPD) (Integrated Waterway)
Model No. A-300
Product Name AW-1901 Direct flow RO system (500 GPD) (Integrated Waterway)
Dimension (L)35cm x (W)13.5cm x (H)39.5cm

Two types of water with dual handle faucets, simply switch between prefiltered water and RO water.
Brand new insert type cartridges, comes with replacement light indicator and easy replacement no tools needed.
Space saving with tankless design, and time saving with direct water flow.

  • 500GPD high water flow, 10 times water flow.
  • Direct flow for usage.
  • Prefiltered water & RO water.
  • Filtered bacteria, viruses and heavy metals.
  • Smart LCD display TDS value and light indicator for cartridge replacement.
  • Insert type cartridges, quick and easy installation.
  • Tankless design, prevent bacteria grow in water.
  • Waste:RO water ratio 2:1, less waste water and more saving water.
  • Auto flush 30s when connect to electricity

Non leakage design with Integrated Waterway

MODEL # A-300

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