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  • 9000 Gallons Commercial RO / Day
9000 Gallons Commercial RO / Day
Industrial / Commercial Reverse Osmosis System (9000 Gallon per day)

Water treatment machinery is widely used in different field. Aqua-Win manufactures different capacity from 800gpd to 9000gpd. Its stainless steel frame makes the machine durable, longer lifespan and rustproof. It is suitable for restaurants, factory, hotel, water station and school that need a high water usage.

Model No. A-120-3
Description [HY-89000]9000GPD/DAY Commercial Reverse Osmosis System
110V/220V/60HZ/ Single-Phase 
Size (L)900mm(W)600mm(H)1450mm (size is for reference only; actual dimensions may vary depending on the shipment)
Specification A. 9000G RO Membrane
B. RO Housing-ST+PP- 4040 *6 PCS
C. Open style Frame
*** The photo is only for reference, The final content of the packaging is subject to the actual shipment upon delivery. ***

MODEL # A-120-3 
With 4040 RO Membrane * 6PCS

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