5 Stage Standard Box RO (Twist-In Cartridges)
Product Number:HY-7034 ( With Pump )

Model No. A-107-5
Description Casing Style 5-Stage RO System 50GPD (With Pump) (With Plastic Casing)
The Traditional R.O. system which water pipe is exposed usually and it is easily breakdown and leak. To attract cockroaches and rats to bite water pipe. There is no guaranteed of safety and hygiene.
Twist in EZ Change Pre-filter x 1
Twist in EZ Change Carbon Filter x 2
CL-10 In Line coconut shell Carbon Filter x 1
Single Clip x 6
RO membrane housing x 1
HY RO Membrane 50g x 1
Booster Pump x 1
Pump Transformer x1
1/4" Solenoid Valve x1
Prevent backflow valve x 1
Flow Restrictor(400ml) x 1
Goose Faucets x 1
NSF Standard Storage tank(3.2g) x 1 (Plastic tank 2.2g or 4g is optional)
Faucet Adapter x 1
Drain Clamp x 1
Brass Ball Valve x 1
* The parts in the (  ) is the optional item, not included or used in the unit, but you could choose to use or replace the original item with the one in (  ).

MODEL # A-107-5
1st Stage --- Twist in EZ Change Pre-filter (B-217-13 )
2nd Stage---Twist in EZ Change Carbon Filter ( B-217-15 )
3rd Stage ---Twist in EZ Change Carbon Filter ( B-217-15 )
4th Stage --- KINGPRO 50G Membrane
5th Stage --- Post in-line Carbon
3.2G NSF Metal Storage tank
50/80/100GPD is optional