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  • 10" Big Blue Resin Filters(RSN)
10" Big Blue Resin Filters(RSN)
10" Big Blue Resin Filters(RSN)
Model No. B-303-3
Description 10" Big Blue Resin Filters(RSN)
Size About : (L)254mm; (W)114mm
  • Ion exchange resins have been used in many environmental issues with great concern. Currently, a number of aqueous
    or non-aqueous solutions containing ionic or non-ionic toxic substance, these substances can be recycled by using resin,
    such as removing the metal ion in plating waste and recycling useful substances in movie producing waste.
  • This softens the water by removing the calcium and magnesium ions which cause hardness. Hard water causes the formation
    of scale on the heating elements of washing machines, kettles and other appliances

Total Capacity (Cation):1.92 eq/l
Water Retention Capacity (Cation):47 %
Bulk Density :0.80 g/ml
Real Density :1.26 g/ml
Particle Size Range :97 %
Uniformity Coefficient:1.6
Whole Bead Count:97
Particle Size :
> 16 : 1.0%
16x40 :97.0%

About : (L)254mm; (W)114mm

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