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Resin and deionization resin is often used in water treatment system for soften water. This series of filters could lower TDS value of water by removing hard minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Resin filter is mostly used for household and cafeteria, while deionization resin filter is prefer by laboratory use.

20" Resin Filters RSN

About : (L)508mm; (W)64mm

10" Transparent DI (DEIONIZATION) Filters

About : (L)254mm; (W)64mm

Make Water 0 PPM

10" DI (DEIONIZATION) Filters (White)

About : (L)254mm; (W)64mm

Make Water close to 0 PPM


About :(L)508mm; (W)64mm

Make Water Close to 0 PPM

10" Big Blue Resin Filters(RSN)

About : (L)254mm; (W)114mm

20" Big Blue Resin Filter(RSN)

About : (L)508mm; (W)114mm

20" Big Blue Deionization (DI) Filters

About : (L)508mm; (W)114mm

Deionization (DI) Post Filters

Makes Water About 0 PPM

In-Line K33 Disposable DI Filter

About : (L) 264mm

Make Water Close to 0 PPM 

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