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  • 20"Hollow Fiber Membrane(UDF Type)
20"Hollow Fiber Membrane(UDF Type)
20"Hollow Fiber Membrane(UDF Type)

Model No. B-317-21
Description 20"Hollow Fiber Membrane(UDF Type)
Size About: (L) 508mm; (D) 73mm

Function and Characteristic:
*Bore diameter: 0.01-0.1um
*Temperature scale for use : 4~40°C
*Porosity : 40-50%
*Suggested operation pressure about ≤ 30psi
*PH level: 2-14

Main-technical Parameter:
*Concentrating and separating big molecular substance, colloid, residual bacteria, algae and organic compound in the water, etc.
*The filter could be used for terminal stage only when the system with appropriate pre-filter.
*Wash the filter for 3-5 minutes after installed to remove protected liquid.
*The filter is suitable to use for the water in the city, never use it to the water that is unknown and unsafe.

About: (L) 508mm; (D) 73mm

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