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UF and RO (NF) are all pressure-driven membrane separation process. UF filter media is UF membrane, made as flat type, tubular type and hollow fiber type. UF process is the separation process in relation with pore size, and the pore size is between RO (NF) and MF (0.001-0.1μm), that is to say UF process the separation from big molecules to small molecules. In short, ions and small molecules, dissolved in the raw water, permeate to be the UF permeate, while particles larger than the membrane pore size are concentrated as concentrate, such as big protein molecules, microorganism, colloid, suspending substance etc.

Used in water treatment, the main function of UF is to remove turbidity, microorganism (purifying water, or water filtration).

Hollow fiber ultra-filtration membrane is the most commonly used method for ultra-filtration. Hollow fiber ultra-filtration membrane is asymmetric. The membranes can be backwashed and this allows the membrane to consistently maintain a high flux. The main advantage of the hollow fiber ultra-filtration membrane is that it is compact, having a large membrane filtration area. The membrane has a high tensile strength, good anti-fouling properties, resistant to chemical degrading, low working pressure, and high flux. The modules are 100% tested and pass the quality checks.

UF membrane bore

10"Hollow Fiber Membrane(UDF Type)

About : (L) 254mm; (D)73mm

20"Hollow Fiber Membrane(UDF Type)

About: (L) 508mm; (D) 73mm

Hollow Fiber Membrane Ultrafilter 1/4

‧Bore diameter: 0.01~0.1µm
‧Operation Pressure: ≦36.25psi

Twist-In Disposable UF Filter

About : (L) 295mm
P.S. Filter replacement without shut off the water switch. 

Stainless Steel UF Water Filter(1,000L/H) HY-UF-1000

Model: B-312-23
Size: 1/2"
About (L) 46cm; (D) 15cm

Stainless Steel UF Water Filter(1,500L/H) HY-UF-1500

Model: B-312-24
Size: 3/4"
About : (L) 66cm; (D) 15cm

Stainless Steel UF Water Filter(2,000L/H) HY-UF-2000

Model: B-312-22
About: (L) 86cm; (D) 15cm

Stainless Steel UF Water Filter(2,500L/H) HY-UF-2500

Model: B-312-9
About : (L) 103cm; (D) 15cm

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