Resinex Ion Exchange Resin Media(NSF)
Product Number:B-602-1

Model No. B-602-1
Description Resinex Ion Exchange Resin Media(NSF)

Type:Crosslinked polystyrol divinylbenzene
Form:Gel-type,amber,spherical beads
Functional group:Sulfonic acid
Whole bead count:95% min.
lonic form,as shipped:Na+
Bead size:0.42-1.25mm
Effecitve size:0.45±0.55mm
Bulk density:820kg/m3
Real density:1.28g/cm3
Water retention:45-50%
Total capacity(CI-form):1.90eq/1min.
Volume chang Ca2+->Na+:2%max.
Stabillty,temperature:120℃ max.
Color throw:25APHA max.


Standard Bed depth:>700mm
Backwash expansion:50-75%
NaCl concentration for regeneration:8-15%
Regeneration level:8-300 g/l
NaCl flow rate for regeneration:5-8 1/h/l
Turbidity:<5.0 NTU
Free chlorine:<1.0ppm
Operation Instructions Service flow rate:8-40BV/h
Rinse rate(slow):1-3 bed volumes at regeneration flow rate
Rinse rate(fast):3-6 bed volumes at service flow rate

Ion Exchange is the process of purifying a liquid solution by passing it through a bed of ion exchange resin.