High Ion Exchange Resin
Product Number:B-304-1

Model No. B-304-1
Description High Ion Exchange Resin
DIAION KAM115 is an Anion - Cation Exchange Resin for pure water. If the conductivity requirement of pure water is above 0.1 μs/cm, and it’s for no-regeneration type resin.
Then, this kind of resin is the combination of cost-effective and well-operated.
DIAION KAM115 is the made of DIAION strong cation H type and DIAION strong anion OH type resin, the combination ratio is 2:3.
  • Anion Exchange Resin : DIAION SA-OH Type ( I Type, Gel Type, OH Type)

Ionic form for packaged __________________________OH Form
Degree of vacuum_______________________________1.05
Package density (Apparent density) (g/l) (appr.) ________6.50
Moisture (%) ____________________________________62.72
Total exchange capacity___________________________0.9 eq/L min.
Granule size (μm) ________________________________1180 – 425 (through 425 max.1%)

  • Cation Exchange Resin : DIAION SK-H Type ( Gel Type, H Type)
Ionic form for packaged ___________________________H Form
Degree of vacuum________________________________1.2
Package density (Apparent density) (g/l) (appr.) ________780
Moisture (%) ____________________________________50 - 60
Total exchange capacity____________________________1.7 eq/L min.
Granule size (μm)________________________________1180 – 425 (through 425 max.1%)
General Operational Requirement Minimum bed depth______________ 800 mm, over 1500mm is suggested
Service flow rate ______ over 30 BV/h is suggested

It is used for industry super pure water and semiconductor element producing process needed water.