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  • Insert Type UV Water Sterilizer
Insert Type UV Water Sterilizer
SUV-300 Insert Type UV Water Sterilizer

UVC Lighting

Model No. A-141-7
Description SUV-300 Insert Type UV Sterilizer
1. Voltage: 100~120V,220~240V, 50/60 Hz
2. UV germicidal lamp: 14W x 1 (Model:UVC-D287T5)
3. Ballast: BT-014B 14W x 1
4. Dimension: Ö 1-1/4" x 38mm x 307mm
5. Quartz sleeve: Model No. SQ230300S
6. Lamp failure warning system: LED + Alarm
7. Lamp average life: 9,000hrs
8. UVC BRIGHT Disinfection / Ultraviolet

Ballast: 14W
Voltage: 110V ~ 220V is optional
Length: 307 mm

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