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  • Water Ionizer Replacement Filters (LV9000 & LV500 & LV-700)
Water Ionizer Replacement Filters (LV9000 & LV500 & LV-700)
The Replacement of LV-9000 & LV-500 & LV-700
Specification Description
The Material of Electrolysis trough 100% Titanium white electrode board
(5 pole 4 trough).
Type of the faucet Curve feature
Suggested Water Pressure 0.8KG/CM2 ~ 7KG/CM2
The Material of the Filter Anti-bacteria carbon filter, to eliminate lead, maintained salt, chloride, organic toxicant, mud, iron, and peculiar smell.
Specialty The water PH level can maintain in stable status when Electrolysis.
Location to place On the table or hung on the wall.
Electrolysis  Electrolysis Method Electrolyzing successively
Electric Current 2A
The Switch of Electrolysis Alkalinity: 4 stages
Pure water: 1 stage
Acidity: 1 stage
The continuous using time About 1800 minutes (Depends on the PH level of the local water quality).
The life span of Electrolysis trough For about 5-15 years in the produced quantity 40L per day.
Electrolysis Flush Auto Flush (flushing time: 15 seconds).
The ability of purification  Maintained chlorine and Impurities About 12000 liters
The Time to Replace the Inside Filters About 12 months
Filters Replacing Reminder The LCD display shows figures reminding to replace the filters.
Pre-filter Replacing Reminder The LCD display twinkling automatically to remind replacing the filters when the flow rate is about 3000 liters.
The feature of the display The biggest LCD display ( 7 shinning colors, PH, ORP, TDS, Flow rate, Time, Temp.
Protection, Acidity, Flow Rate / minus, Under flush status.
Power / Voltage AC 110V-AC (220V) ( It could be changed depends on the different voltage in different countries. ) 50/60HZ
Unit  Dimension W 280mm x D 117mm x H 325mm
Weight About 5kg

Service Life: About 12 months

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