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  • AQUA-WIN 1500G 4040"
AQUA-WIN 1500G 4040"
AQUA-WIN 1500G 4040"

Product Name AQUA-WIN 1500G 4040"
Model No. B-411-7
Model 4040-ULP
Operation Pressure(psi) 150
Membrane area(m2) 10
Gridding(mil) 28
Highest operation pressure(psi) 225
Application cope Pure Water Producing
Test Solution Concentration(ppm) 1500
Recovery Rate(%) 15
Stable Rejection Rate(%) 99.2
Average Flow Rate(L/H±15%) 380
GPD Flow Rate(±15%) 2400
PSI Max. Pressure Difference 15
SDI Max. feedwater SDI 5
Acceptance capacity of free chlorine <0.1
PH range rate of feedwater as continuous operation 2-11
Salt Rejection(%) 98~99.5



Salt Rejection: 98~99.5%
Max Working Pressure(PSI): 435
Max Handle PPM: 2000
Recycle: 10%

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