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  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane Housings
Reverse Osmosis Membrane Housings
Reverse Osmosis Membrane Housing (1812)
Model No. C-267
Description Reverse Osmosis Membrane Housing (1812)
Function For 1812 RO membrane
Specification Material: Polypropylene, EPDM O-Ring Seals
1/8"NPT, Whit Housing To fit 35-100 GPD
Customer's desogj welcomed
Bursting pressure: 300psi / 21(kg/cm2) upward
Waterpower cycle test: 0~150psi / 100,000 order
The Highest endurable pressure: 150psi / 8.8(kg/cm2)
The Highest endurable temp: 120oF (50oC)

For 1812 RO membrane
Housing spanner is optional

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