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  • The Cap of 6088 Pump (1041X)
The Cap of 6088 Pump (1041X)
Pump Head (1041X)

RO pump head is the main part of water pump. There might be blockage of dust and dirt after some time. Replacing pump’s head is more economical instead of replacing the whole pump. Aqua-Win pumps’ head is durable and it is compatible with HITON RO pump.

Model No. C-173-4
Description Pump Head (1041X) 
Standard For 6055 / 6088 / 6080 / 8000 Pump

Hiton RO Pump Head

Specification Every Series RO Pumps are the most widely used pumps for RO system. They are ideal for high pressure / low flow applications
with low amp draw. They can be mounted in any position, are compact, and are designed for long trouble-free life.
Available in a variety of motor voltages and configurations. These RO Booster Systems are ideal for household use.
Equipped with a high-quality, continuous duty pump that provides a constant flow of feed water to the membrane,
yet maintains quiet operation. Available in a variety of motor voltages and configurations.
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