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  • Fruit and Vegetable Purifier
Fruit and Vegetable Purifier
Fruits and Vegetable Washing Ozonizer (HY-2000A)

Water purifier can kill bacteria by RO membrane and UV sterilizer. The bore of RO membrane is smaller than 0.0001 microns which can filter bacteria and some virus. And UV can be the last defense to kill bacteria and virus before you drinking.

Model No. HY-2000A
Description Ozone Vegetable Washing Systems, Fruit Sterilizer, Household Water Ozonator
  1. Ozone Output Capacity: 200mg/Hour.
  2. The washing ozonizer can take away 99% of bacteria and viruses in the air and water and avoid infecting with germs.
  3. The ozonizer can reduce over 95% of residual insecticides on vegetables and fruits.
  4. Vegetables, fruit, fish and meat soaked in the ozone water, they would prolong the keeping time.
  5. The sterilizing of ozone water is stronger than chlorine about 3000 times. It doesn't remain any substance of get cancer and no pollution.
  6. If you soak in the ozone water when you get any scald and stab wound, it could avoid infecting with germs and accelerate closing up
    of trauma.
  7. It can be fast to eliminate peculiar smell from fridge, kitchen waste, bathrooms and rooms, also kill most of bacteria and viruses.
  8. The ozone water can disinfect the dirty underwear, drawers, stockings ect... and eliminate peculiar smell at the same time when infusing
    ozone into the trough of washing machine.
  9. The ozonizer can completely kill the mold and prevent mold spots in the bedrooms, wardrobes and storerooms.
  10. When you wash the face or take a shower, it could sterilize and improve skin disease and make skin to be smooth when the water ozone
    entering into the water.
  11. If the ozone water entered the fish bowls and fishponds, it could be good to prevent fish and shrimps from infecting with diseases.
  12. It can set the ozone time of using.

Ozone generator

Model: A-148-4
Voltage: 110V ~ 220V is optional
Ozone Output Capacity: 200mg/Hour.

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