2-Stage Filtration System (1/2"or 1/4")
Product Number:A-121
Model No. A-121
Description 2-Stage Filtration System (1/2"or 1/4")
Double, countertop kitchen filter with two separate housings containing standard cartridges. Serial connection of the filters increases the filtration capacity and prolongs the life of cartridges.
Removes contaminants from water in two stages:
Sediment Cartridge - sand, silt, mud, rust
Activated Carbon Cartridge - chlorine, bad taste and smell, organic contaminants.
Be able to match all standard 10" filters in the market.
It is suitable for using in the kitchens, bathrooms, garages, yachts, cabins, and so on.
10" housing x 2
Water pressure(PSI/kg/cm2): 12~125 / 0.8~8.6
The highest flow capacity: 1.0gpm
Endurable temp.: 45oC