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  • Filtros De Osmosis Inversa
Filtros De Osmosis Inversa
10" GAC Carbon Filter (White)

Osmosis inversa viene con muchos tipos diferentes de filtros de osmosis inversa. The filters mostly used is PP sediment filter and carbon filter. Filtros de osmosis inversa carbon is usually used in second and third stage filter.

The main function of grain carbon filtros is to remove odors, bad taste, chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOC) , colors and other contaminants in water. We always recommend our customers replace filtros osmosis inversa carbon every six months for best filtration result and to protect the RO system work efficiently with longer lifespan.

10" GAC Carbon Filter (White) B-204-1
Description 10" GAC Carbon Filter (White)
Size (L)254mm / (W)64mm

(L)254mm / (W)64mm

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