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Under sink hot water boiler is a good choice when you need to make tea, coffee, milk or others beverage. It is suitable for home-use, office, cafe and beverage shops. It could supply hot water instantly, this helps saving time and make job more convenient. Our under counter water boiler is made from stainless steel material, the characteristic is rust-proof, durable and long lifespan.

Stainless Steel Under-Counter Water Boiler

AW-600 RO System Hot Water Dispenser(110V,60Hz / 220V, 50Hz)

Model # AW-600
Electricity:110V,60Hz / 220V/50Hz
Dimension:150mm×425mm×398mm (W×D×H)
Hot water supply:≥90℃,15L/H
Power: 110V/60Hz - 1350W; 2200V/50Hz - 1500W
Total RO water:6000L
RO flow water:1.6L/min
Inlet pressure:1.5-3.5kg/cm2
Water source:Tap water
Inlet temperatures:5-38℃

*The list purified water flow rate is based on data measured with tap water connected at 25℃ water temperature.
*The actual total purified water volume may vary due to differences in water quality and usage environment in different locations.

Stainless Steel Under-Counter Instant Water Heater

Voltage: 110V ~ 220V is optional
RO system & Water Filter are optional
Product Body: #304 Stainless Steel

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