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Trade Shows (2009-2021)

Trade Show Name: 2021 AQUATECH China-Shanghai

Date Attended: 2021-06

Trade Show Name: 2019 VIETWATER Vietnam-Hanoi

Date Attended: 2019-07

Certificate of Participation

Trade Show Name: 2019 AQUATECH China-Shanghai

Date Attended: 2019-06

Trade Show Name: 2018 AQUATECH Henan- Zhengzhou

Date Attended: 2018-08

Trade Show Name: 2017 AQUATECH Amsterdam

Date Attended: 2017-10

Trade Show Name: 2017 AQUATECH China-Shanghai

Date Attended: 2017-06

Trade Show Name: 2016 MYANWATER

Date Attended: 2016-11


Trade Show Name: 2015 AQUATECH CHINA

Date Attended: 2015-06


Trade Show Name: 2013 Aquatech Amaterdam

Date Attended: 2013-11


Trade Show Name: 2013 INDOWATER

Date Attended: 2013-07


Trade Show Name: 2012 Vietwater

Date Attended: 2012-11


Trade Show Name: 2012 WQA Aquatech

Date Attended: 2012-03


Trade Show Name: 2011 Aquatech Amaterdam

Date Attended: 2011-11


Trade Show Name: 2011 Vietwater

Date Attended: 2011-11


Trade Show Name: 2010 Vietwater

Date Attended: 2010-11


Trade Show Name: 2010 Ambientalexpo

Date Attended: 2010-04


Trade Show Name: 2009 WETEX

Date Attended: 2009-03


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