Water Ionizers

Water ionizers (also known as alkaline ionizers) is a home appliance which claims to raise the pH of drinking water by using electrolysis to separate the incoming water stream into acidic and alkaline components. Proponents claim that consumption of the alkaline stream results in a variety of health benefits, making it similar to the alternative health practice of alkaline diets.

Normally, there are two kinds of electrolysis water, one is alkaline water and another one is acid water.

Alkaline ionized water (pH9~11)

There are many different using way for alkaline water, like drinking, solving hangover, making tea/coffee, washing vegetables/fruits, watering plant. Some medical institutions in Japan replace normal water to alkaline water for patients drinking. They claims this kind of water have good efficacy in many ways such as gastrointestinal problem, constipation, diarrhea, diabetes, high blood pressure, physical condition improving. Some scholars points out that the domestic alkaline ionized water can eliminate free radicals in the human body.

Acidic ionized water (pH 5~2.5)

Weakly acidic ionized water can be used as skin astringent lotion or abluent. Water which pH is less than 2.5 can have bactericidal function, some Japanese medical institutions use super acidic water to disinfect / sterilizing.