RO Accessories

Booster Pump

The purpose of the booster pump is to increase water pressure going into the R.O. System. The working pressure of RO Membrane is about 5-6 kg/cm2 (70-80 psi), so we have to use booster pump to increase pressure. Every 10 meters of height can produce 1kg / cm2 (14.22 psi) of water pressure. If your water pressure is 6 kg/ cm2 (80psi), it’s enough to run R.O. System nicely and do not need a booster pump. Conversely, if the inlet pressure is higher than the above values, you need to install the Cut-Down Pressure Valve, in order to avoid over pressure, causing filter housing or pipe burst.

High Pressure Switches

When water pressure tank is full of water, High Pressure Switch will automatic power down system and will be kicked off when insufficient pressure/water occurred. (General pressure setting for High Pressure Switches is 40psi)

Low Pressure

Low Pressure will stop operating to protect R.O. System when water shortage occurs.

Automatic Shut-off Valves (Four Way Valve)

Automatic Shut-off Valves is a traditional switch for water level control. When the pressure of Outlet water is 30~40 PSI, the Automatic Shut-off Valves will block Inlet water. When it’s lower than 20 PSI, the High Pressure Switches will start Pump to create water. Automatic Shut-off Valves is not suggested when your tap water is too strong. The failure rate of Automatic Shut-off Valves is too high, because each family’s water pressure is different. Nowadays, most of R.O. System uses Solenoid Valve except Automatic Shut-off Valves because it’s more stable.

Flow Restrictors

Flow Restrictors protect reverse osmosis membrane from the toxic elements, and flow them to drain. The ratio of pure water and waste water is 1: 3~5, the more waste water means the worse the tap water quality is.