HS-68 Led Under-Counter Water Fountain (Cold/Warm/Hot)(With Faucet & Button-press Function)
Product Number:A-173-17
Model No. A-173-17
Description HS-68 Led Under-Counter Water Fountain (Cold/Warm/Hot)(With Faucet & Button-press Function)
Function Ice/Cold/Hot
Heating output:700W
Hot water capacity:4.5L
Cold water capacity:1.5L
Hot water flow:8L/h
Cold water flow:1.2L/h
Use Japan made ceramic heater heating from the bottom to avoid water pollution
Insulated faucet to prevent power leakage concern
Red, Blue and white LED light for different water temperature signal
Eco patented energy saving design for 8/12/24 hours power on reservation function
Unique 3 degrees angle designed faucet plate
Automatic water feeding system to avoid low water level
Packing Double Corrugated Box
Dimension W265*D430*H410(mm)
Carton Size W350*D490*H500(mm)
N.W/G.W 19.3/19.8(kgs)

Are you relieved to drink water with harmful elements?
Do you still have water fountain with traditional heater?

Traditional welded hot
water storage tank
Traditional heater
(Service Life: About 1-2 years) 
  Traditional way of direct heating
(Put heater bar into water directly) 

Traditional way of heating
The traditional way of heating is to put the electroplated heater bar into water directly to boil water. After a period of time, the heater bar would produce harmful heavy metals. (Copper, Chlorine, Chromium, lead) The harmful heavy metals would affect the quality of water and harm your health over a long time.

New patent – Ceramic constant heating piece
patent number: No. 386467

Stainless steel compound
hot water storage tank
Ceramic constant heating piece

Using the Ceramic constant heating piece could isolate heater from the water. The way of heating is using indirect heat. It would not cause secondary pollution as traditional way of direct heating.

Comparison of Ceramic constant heating piece and Traditional heater


Ceramic Aluminum Alloy

Copper Metal Alloy

Power consumption

550W~700W(Energy saving)

750W~800W(Energy wasting)

Way of heating

Indirect heating(Without secondary pollution)

Direct heating(With secondary pollution)

Poison released 

With indirect heating - has no anxiety of releasing poisons

Harmful heavy metals (Copper, Chlorine, Chromium, lead) and Mica power

Effect on health

With indirect heating - has no influence on health

Copper:Copper is one of the essential elements of human body. Its toxicity would not cause accumulative harm, but a great amount of Cooper would harm your liver, kidney and central nervous system.

Chromium: It would harm your liver, kidney and circulatory system.

Lead: It would harm your kidney and nervous system, especially harmful for children.

Mica powder: Mica includes metallic elements like Lithium, Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Aluminum, Zinc, Ferrum and Vanadium. It is inedible. A great amount of Mica would stock in human body and can not be discharged.