PR-CH Table Fountain (HOT/ICE)
Product Number:A-131-6
Model No. A-131-6
Description Counter-Top Water Dispenser ( HOT / ICE )
Heating capacity: 10L/hour
Chilling Capacity: 20L/hour 2~5 C
Direct Chilling Capacity: 12L/hour 2~5C RO P.C. system
3-stage RO system inside ( with Disposable filter, include booster pump) for PR-CH (ice and hot)
Slide side plate, convenient for filter replacement
4 litter for cold water tank 1 litter for hot water tank
Cute appearance is just perfect for counter top, especial for kitchen
Dimension: 45x47x44CM / 16KG
The replacement inside of the Unit:
The 1st stage: B-218-3 K33 Disposable pre-filter
The 2nd stage: B-217-2 K33 Disposable carbon filter
The 3rd stage: B-401-9 AQUA-WIN 80G

Voltage: 110V ~ 220V is optional
3-stage RO system inside of unit