D-406 Stand Fountain (Ice/Warm/Hot)
Product Number:A-136-4
Model No. A-136-4
Description D-406 Stainless Steel Standing Water Fountain (Ice / Warm / Hot)
Product Body: #304 Stainless Steel
Water Cooler Inside Function: Ice/Warm/Hot , RO & Tank can be put inside
Hot Water Capacity: 5 liters
Cold Water Capacity: the same with storage tank
Ice Water Capacity: 3.9 liters
Electric power: Hot water 750W
Electric power: Ice water 200W
Hot Water Temperature: 100oC
Ice Water Temperature: 4oC
Voltage: 110V/220V ( 60HZ )
Produce capacity: 200 liters / day
Liquid Crystal Display Temperature
The size of product: (L)450 x (W)450 x (H)1300 mm

Voltage: 110V ~ 220V is optional
RO system inside of unit
Product Body: #304 Stainless Steel