Shower Filter Set

No More Chlorine in Your Shower and Bath with Shower Filters

A hot shower or bath after busy work brings most people lots of pleasure and releases. But, the shower pleasure can completely disappear as long as we realize the truth of chlorine in water.

It is still not safe for drinking, showering or bathing even though chlorine is globally used to disinfect water. In fact, chlorine may cause mental and physical conditions such cancer, heart trouble, even aging.

Enjoy a non-chlorine shower filter

Chlorine is a part to destroy the proteins in hair and skin and to make you itchy, sensitive and irritated. Therefore, filtration for drinking and showering may solve your skin problem and prevent chemical harms. With shower filtration, pleasure of hot bathes and avoidance of chemical harms are the two must-do things in healthy lives.

Do you suffer from?
Dry, itchy skin... Decolorized hair... Dry and brittle hair... Lung and eye irritation... According to scientific studies, chlorine absorption increases cancer risks
The High Output Shower Filter will reduce chlorine in your shower and leave your skin and hair smooth and supple. In addition, your lungs will be protected.


Model No. A-189-3
Description Shower Filter Set
Specification Unique design for improved water quality.
State-of-the-art engineering offers high performance and improves water flow-through.
"Easy-to-replace" filter cartridge for optimum dechlorination.
It takes just seconds to replace the filter cartridges assuring a consistently high rate of chlorine removal. Cartridges last 3 to 6 months.
Ideal for the whole family!!
Convenient, replaceable filter cartridge Pop-IN REPLACEABLE CARTRIDGE.
A - Pop-In, Replaceable Cartridge Easy to replace, no back flushing.
B - Mixed Carbon and - CaSO3 - KDFR 55 Bacteriostatic Media Chlorine-reducing media.
A Better Design for Better Shower.