HY-R3-2S Top-Counter Water Fountain (Cold/Warm/Hot)
Product Number:A-173-12
Model No. A-173-12
Description HY-R3-2S Top-Counter Water Fountain (Cold/Warm/Hot)


*Use Japan made ceramic heater heating from the bottom to avoid water pollution Smart 3 temperature display and control panel.
*Auto lock design on hot water switch to avoid burning concern for the olds and kids.
*Eco patented energy saving design for 8/12/24 hours reserved power on function.
*Automatic water feeding system to avoid low water.
Voltage: 110V/220V
Heating Output: MAX 700W
Cooling Output: 210W
Hot Water Capacity: 3L
Warm Water Capacity: 9.5L
Cold Water Capacity: 1.5L
Hot Water Flow: 6L/h
Warm Water Flow: 10L/h
Dimension: 425*450*465(mm)

Voltage: 110V ~120V is optional