The Leader of Limescale Removable Crystal
No Limescale When Boiling the Water

  • Long service life and high performance.
  • No limescale when boiling the water.
  • The filter can install in any brands of water ionizers.
  • The filter won't affect the function of ORP and Alkalinity.

Dimension:diameter 7cm X 29cm
Preservation:Keep away from hot or direct sunshine
Expiration Date:If you don't take off the package of it, it can be preservative always.
Service Life:About 4~6 months. It depends on your local water quality and family members
Material:Carbon, Cluster of Nanometer, Limescale Removable Crystal
Principle:It can soften the water, separate calcium, keep Magnesium, and remove the heavy metal from the water.

During the electrolytic water boil which filtered by this filter. The magnesium element will coagulate as white thin film in the dry space of the kettle.
Don't worry the white thin film for it is not the limescale, and it is a normal condition.
This Filter is Approved by SGS
This filter isn't general resin filter.
The general resin filter can remove limescale but it cannot work when using in ionization.
This filter is the only one that water ionizers can work with. Besides, it can extend the service life of machine.
Nature Principle
The water will become slight acidity once passing through this filter, and slight acidity water will keep your skin very well. The hydrogen element will be raised up when boiling the water, so the water will turn from the slight acidity to slight alkalinity. This is a characteristic of King of Elimination Limescale Filter.